Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Current Mascara Routine

Mascara is one of my must use makeup products for everyday.It can really change your whole look within seconds and I love that.Ever since I've started using makeup,I've tried so many different mascaras.Some of them I liked a lot,some of them not so much.Lately,I have been following the same mascara routine and I have been loving it so I thought I would share it with you.

Lash Primer Plus Eyelash Primer from Estee Lauder is the second step after I curl my lashes.The lash primer has been a crucial step for me because it makes a huge difference.It makes a great base for the mascara to apply nicely and smoothly and it also makes the mascara last a lot longer.

Magna Scopic Maximum Volume Mascara,also from Estee Lauder,is the next step after the primer.Along with the primer,it was included in an Estee Lauder gift set that my cousin got me for my birthday so I don't know how much each product costs.When I first tried this mascara I wasn't a big fan but after a few more uses,I loved it.It makes the lashes look a lot longer and gives a nice volume from the very first coat.

They're Real Mascara by Benefit is a recent addition to my collection.I bought it a little less than a month ago,after seeing it was sold at Sephora for 10 euros.As you can see this is only the small size but I still thought it was a great opportunity for me to finally try this mascara.Just like the Magna Scopic mascara,I wasn't very impressed by it at the beginning but later I loved it as well.It definitely gives that extra something to your lashes and in combination with the Magna Scopic mascara,it makes them look amazing!At least in my eyes!

And that's how my current everyday mascara routine goes.Those are the products that have been my go to ones for my lashes lately.My mascara routine will probably change in a about a month but for now,this is what I do.
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  1. These work together so well! I really want to try the benefit they're real mascara- LOVE! I'm your newest follower :) Feel free to pop by and say hello <3

  2. wow your lashes look amazing!!
    XX Selin

  3. we've never been bothered to apply more than one product on our lashes, but we'll definitely be reconsidering because it makes so much difference. your lashes look amazing!!

  4. This is awesome! I am in the need of a good mascara!